Explore the Hidden Himalayas

Many high peaks are visible from the lodge including Dhaulagiri Glacier, Tukuche Peak, Nilgiri North, and Nilgiri South. Lake Titi and Sekong are a day’s hike away from the lodge where the stars sojourn to Earth through the reflection on the lake. Lake Titi has an endangered species of ducks that are found due to the grass that grows in the region.

Tukuche, one of the neighbouring villages is a traditional Thakali village with trade histories from the past.
Tukuche was an important trade hub between Tibet and Nepal, with centuries of history embedded in its culture and lifestyle. The white stone houses stand as distinct imagery of the history of the place. Discover all these and more through our tour packages. 

We offer a variety of tours and destinations tailored to your choice. There’s something for everyone to discover.

In and around Thasang

Immerse into the beauty of Naurikot and the villages around Thasang in this tour that covers the Thakali village of Tukuche, the mesmerising lakes, and a warm welcome to the sunrise through the lodge’s rooftop view.

  • Day 01Arrival at Thasang. Overnight at Lodge Thasang Village.
  • Day 02Welcoming the sun followed by breakfast. Day hike around the village and the lakes.
  • Day 03Trip to Tukuche village, Marpha, and Dhumba lake. Or Trip to Muktinath, Kagbeni.
  • Day 04Return to Pokhara.

Hiker’s Paradise

Mustang is the hiker’s paradise. Discover the traditional roads and routes of this Buddhist kingdom that holds centuries-old traditions in its lap.

  • Day 01Arrival at Thasang. Overnight at Lodge Thasang Village.
  • Day 02Day Hike to Naurikot village, Padmasambhav Cave, Sekong Lake. Overnight at Thasang.
  • Day 03Drive to Tukuche village. Hike to Chimang and Chhairo village. Lunch stop at Marpha village. Monastery visit and get blessings from the Head Lama. Hike to Dhumba village. Overnight at Chimley Farm (farm stay).
  • Day 04Hike to Dhumba lake, Thini village. Drive to Kagbeni. Lunch at Kagbeni. Side trip to Tiri village. Overnight at Kagbeni.
  • Day 05Transfer to Jomsom airport. Fly to Pokhara.

The Nepali Choice

Nepali travellers have a special pick of locations when travelling around Nepal for religious purposes or to experience some trademark elements of villages. This tour is curated on the destination choices of our Nepali travellers through the years.

  • Day 01Arrival at Thasang. Overnight at Lodge Thasang Village.
  • Day 02Sunrise view followed by breakfast. Visit to Marpha, Tukuche, Chhairo village. Overnight at Thasang.
  • Day 03Jeep tour to Muktinath darshan. Kagbeni and Jhomson tour. Overnight at Thasang.
  • Day 04Return to Pokhara.

The Sacred Trail

Mustang is an ancient Buddhist Kingdom and holy land with numerous places that hold religious and spiritual significance. This tour is designed for travellers seeking to explore the religious landmarks of the Kingdom and dive deep into spiritual learnings.

  • Day 01Arrival at Thasang. Overnight at Lodge Thasang Village.
  • Day 02Hike to Padmasambhav cave and surroundings. Overnight at Thasang.
  • Day 03Monastery visits in Tukuche, Marpha, and Chairo. Lunch with Monks, attend prayers and light butter lamps. Overnight at Jomsom.
  • Day 04Muktinath darshan and visit the surroundings. Take a holy bath from the 108 taps for Moksha. Overnight at Jomsom or drive back to Thasang for overnight. 
  • Day 05Fly/drive to Pokhara.

Road to Upper Mustang

Upper Mustang is one of the last Buddhist kingdoms to open its doors to the world. Due to long periods of isolation, the traditional culture and lifestyle of the place are still intact, which closely resembles Tibetan culture and style. This tour is focused on trips around Thasang and to the Kingdom of Upper Mustang.

  • Day 01Arrival at Thasang. Overnight at Lodge Thasang Village.
  • Day 02Sunrise view, followed by breakfast. Visit to surrounding areas (also for acclimatisation).
  • Day 03Drive to Lo Mangthan (3700s metres above sea level. 7-8 hour drive).
  • Day 04Tour around Lo City. Visit monasteries, villages, and caves. Overnight at Lo. 
  • Day 05Drive to Korola, Zhong caves, Nhipu Gharphu caves, and monasteries. Overnight at Tshrang.
  • Day 06Tour around Tshrang. Drive to Jomsom, on the way visit to Rangchung cave (near Ghelling). Overnight at Jomsom.
  • Day 07Return to Pokhara.